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Sedation or Sleep Dentistry

No Fear, Pain-Free Dentistry

We are experts in helping patients to relax with the most advanced methods available.

Do you keep putting off that visit to the dentist because of anxiety, a phobia or a bad experience with a dentist in the past? Well don’t worry, we can restore your dental health and smile with sedation or sleep dentistry. We are experts in painless and sedation dentistry, making a visit to our clinic a stress free and comfortable one.

Do You...

  • Have anxiety, fear or a phobia about visiting the dentist?
  • Have a low pain threshold?
  • Keep putting off that visit to the dentist?
  • Have very sensitive teeth?
  • Have a bad gag reflex?
  • Have trouble finding a dentist you can trust?
  • Want to smile again with confidence?
  • Want to complete your treatment in the minimum number of visits?

If you have answered yes to some of these questions, don’t worry, you are not alone, there are many millions of people like you and the option they often choose is Sedation or Sleep dentistry. We are experts in this type of relaxed, stress and pain free dentistry where treatments are completed in just a couple of visits.

Now there is no need to put off that visit to the dentist to get a broken tooth repaired, missing tooth replaced, dental pain eliminated, teeth whitened or smile restored – with Sedation Dentistry we can restore your dental health and help you smile again with confidence.

The options available in Sedation Dentistry include Inhaled Minimal Sedation such as nitrous oxide or ´laughing gas´, Oral Medication such as Halcion tablets, Deep Sedation/General Anaesthetic using medication to make you fall deeply asleep. Sedation dentistry is extremely safe if carried out by a suitably trained and qualified dentist like those at our clinic.

Restoring Your Oral Health and Smile is a Dream with these EASY Steps


Thank you for helping me smile again and getting over my fear of dentists. My life really has changed for the better because of how you helped me. Now, I´ll look forward to visiting you again.

Marco - USA / Perú

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