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Treatment for Gum Disease/Periodontitis

Root planing and scaling is a very effective treatment for stopping the progression of gum disease (periodontitis or periodontal disease). The procedure is routine and painless if carried out by an experienced Periodontist.

The Root Planing and Scaling Procedure

The Root planing and scaling treatment involves cleaning between the gums and teeth down to the roots of the teeth.

A local anesthetic is applied beforehand to numb the gums and roots.

Our Periodontist uses a special ultrasonic tool for the root planing and scaling making the treatment more effective and comfortable than with a traditional scraping tool.

Antibiotic fibers and/or a gel may also be placed in any pockets between the gums and teeth to help fight infection and speed the healing process. These fibers are removed 1 week following the procedure.

The Root planing and scaling is a routine procedure that causes little or no discomfort when performed by an experienced Periodontist.

It is a very effective treatment that’s stops the progression of gum disease.

To prevent a re-occurrence of the gum disease you should follow a good oral health routine afterwards and avoid causal factors such as poor diet or smoking.

A good oral health routine includes; brushing your teeth twice a day, flossing at least once a day and professional cleanings at a dental clinic every six months.

Gum Disease and its causes


Root Planing and Scaling – Were you pleased with the treatment? Yes. I need to have this procedure done periodically due to a hereditary illness which makes me prone to peridontal disease. I moved to Peru last year and was happy to find an excellent Periodontist at The Dental Clinic. She does a great job, made me feel very comfortable and speaks fluent english – I strongly recommend her to anyone considering having this procedure.

Jeff - Australia

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