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Root Canal Treatment

A Root Canal or Endodontic treatment involves removal of the dental pulp which is in the center of the tooth root canal. This may be necessary as the pulp may be infected, damaged or dead. This can cause pain and an abscess can develop. The dental pulp is extracted from the root canal and the remaining space cleaned, reshaped and refilled. The procedure seals off the root canal.

At part of our Team at our clinic in Miraflores, Lima, we have an experienced Endodontist who carries out all our root canal treatments. She speaks English and Spanish and takes the time to be gentle making it is a painless and routine procedure.

The Root Canal Procedure


The illustration above shows the stages within the Root Canal procedure. Before starting, an x-ray is necessary to assess the size and shape of the root canal. We will also check if the surrounding bone has been infected. Anesthesia is applied so you will not feel any pain or discomfort. The pulp and decayed or infected nerve tissue which are the cause of the toothache are removed and we will clean inside the tooth leaving it free of infection. The whole area is cleaned and a reinforcing fibre post is inserted into the canal, then the cavity is sealed with a filling. Sometimes a dental crown is required to protect the tooth and restore function.

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The service was very high quality, very proactive, and very fast. The Dentist spoke English and she completely understood the pain I was in. The team was extremely reassuring. It is a difficult decision to have emergency dental treatment in a foreign country while on vacation, however I am so glad I did!

Sonja - USA

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