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Fixed Orthodontic Braces

Teeth straightening with fixed orthodontic braces

Fixed orthodontic braces are the traditional, most common form of orthodontic (teeth straightening) treatment. This type of teeth straightening system uses the brackets and wires that most people think of when they hear the word braces. But brackets nowadays, even metal ones, are smaller and less noticeable than in the past, and the brackets and wires can also come in clear or tooth colored ceramics making them virtually unnoticeable and these are commonly called aesthetic orthodontic brackets or braces. Fixed orthodontic braces offer a quick, effective and affordable option for teeth straightening. We also offer Clear Removable Aligners that straighten teeth effectively and are virtually unnoticeable.


In-Ovation® C Aesthetic Self-Ligating Braces

Teeth Straightening @ The Dental Clinic, Miraflores, Lima, Peru
We use and recommend this system for patients that want braces that are virtually unnoticeable.

The In-Ovation C self-ligating bracket is made from ceramic materials that offer the same strength and performance as metal brackets but they are virtually unnoticeable. The brackets and wires used can be tooth colored or clear. They are the perfect fit for for patients concerned about aesthetics. Standard braces use rubber bands to keep the metal wires in place. Instead of rubber bands, Self-Ligating Braces use a unique clip or movable door to hold the wire in place. They help keep the braces and your teeth cleaner, move teeth more quickly, offer a more comfortable fit and you get to spend less time at the clinic. We have found that this system is the most effective and comfortable system of its kind for patients.

It is a simple system that enables a precise degree of control that is needed at each phase of your treatment. It means less chair time and fewer appointments, and helps us achieve the desired results every time.

In-Ovation® R – Self-Ligating Metal Braces

In-Ovation R is a high-tech system and the recognized industry leader for over a decade now. It comprises of metal brackets and wires and is a more affordable option than the In-Ovation® C Aesthetic Braces. It works in the same way and also helps us achieve beautiful results every time.

Before & After Photos

An example of the results we achieve with Fixed Orthodontic Braces. Here we were able to close a gap between the front teeth and correct a bite problem.


The Advantages of Fixed Braces:

The Advantages of Fixed Braces

  • They are highly effective and achieve predictable results
  • They are a cost effective teeth straightening solution and can be one of the most affordable options
  • They can come with aesthetic clear or tooth colored brackets and braces that are virtually unnoticeable
  • They have become much more comfortable for patients as the size of brackets have been reduced
  • A painless teeth straightening solution, the structure of the teeth is left intact and there is no need for injections

The Different Types of Fixed Braces

There are many forms of braces. The most common classification is between Metal and Aesthetic braces, and within these two there are many sub categories and brands. The use and function of metal and aesthetic braces are the same, but aesthetic braces are virtually unnoticeable.

In general, children and young people opt for metal braces while adults opt for aesthetic braces that are less visible normally being clear or tooth colored. Why? Aesthetic braces are more expensive than metal ones but many adults prefer to pay the extra for the less noticeable braces.

Metal braces comprise of metal brackets and wires, normally stainless steel. They can be made of titanium if the patient has an allergy to nickel. The aesthetic braces are comprised of clear or tooth colored brackets and wires.

Self-Ligating Brackets

Traditional braces use rubber bands to hold the wire onto brackets. Instead of rubber bands, Self-Ligating Brackets use a unique clip or movable door to hold the wire in place. They help keep the Brackets and your teeth cleaner, move teeth more quickly, offer a more comfortable fit and you will spend less time at the clinic. Scientific studies show that self-ligating brackets achieve desired results in less time than standard brackets systems. We only use and recommend Self-Ligating Brackets.

Which braces you choose is between you and your orthodontist, is based on your treatment needs, aesthetic preferences and budget.

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Lilian, Philip and their team at The Dental Clinic have been amazing and wonderful! My teeth are perfect because of them! I must say, they did a good job of my teeth – they put in braces and made my teeth correctly align together. I highly recommend The Dental Clinic.. Keep up the good work!.

Nilma - Sri Lanka

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