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Expert & Caring Children Dentists

Here at The Dental Clinic our Children's Dentists are dedicated to providing the highest quality care in a fun environment and we want your child to have a healthy, confident and beautiful smile for life!

Our Children's Dentists practice conservatory dentistry and take the time to be gentle, making treatments as painless as possible.

We are very experienced at treating children who may be anxious or nervous.

We have fun friendly staff who make the whole experience of visiting the dentist as enjoyable as possible and we develop warm relationships with all our little patients and parents.

Parents can accompany their children into our treatment areas for any appointment.

Treatments offered

  • Regular checkups
  • Digital radiography diagnostics
  • Laser dentistry
  • Fluoride supplements & sealants
  • Fillings
  • Extractions
  • Root canals
  • Teeth straightening
  • Sedation & sleep dentistry
  • Dental emergencies

Your child's first visit to the dentist


The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children should visit the dentist by their first birthday and we endorse this. Your child’s first visit to the clinic and interaction with the dentist is very important and should be as positive and enjoyable as possible. We want your child to feel comfortable at all times and to enjoy getting to know our doctors and staff. A pleasant first visit to the dentist builds trust and helps put your child at ease for future visits.

How To Prepare For The First Visit
In advance of the first visit, try to put your child at ease and avoid using words that may cause your child to worry, such as ´needle´ or ´drill´. We encourage parents to accompany their children into our treatment areas and stay with their child during the first visit at least.

Depending on the age of the child, sometimes during the first visit we just let them sit in the dental chair and play at being a little dentist so that they feel comfortable with the environment. Don´t worry, we dont charge you for this. The next time they visit, we can carry out the examination.

Once we have carried out the examination, we will explain any treatments that are necessary and the importance of good oral health to both you and your child in a positive way and answer any questions you and your child may have. We encourage children to discuss any fears or anxieties they may have so we can address those and make them feel at ease.

Regular check-ups

We recommend that both adults and children should visit the dentist at least twice a year for a check-up. Check-ups form part of a good oral health routine and can help prevent problems from occurring

What To Expect At The Regular Check-Up

  • We will discuss your child’s medical and dental history
  • We will examine your childs teeth to look for any signs of tooth decay or abnormalities.
  • We will clean the teeth, removing any plaque that could cause irritation to the gums or tooth decay.
  • We will evaluate your child’s fluoride levels. Fluoride supplements or sealants may be necessary to prevent cavities and strengthen teeth.
  • We will show your child the proper techniques for brushing and flossing their teeth.
  • We will give advice on tooth healthy eating and drinking.

Your Child´s Comfort And Dental Care Are Our Top

Our dentists and staff are specially trained to work with children and will talk to your child in a way that they can understand using words, pictures and ideas.

We want our little patients to be motivated and able to take responsibility for their health. We want your child to have a healthy, confident and beautiful smile for life.

To book an appointment with an expert Pediatric Dentist at our clinic in Miraflores, Lima call 01 6472187 or click here to contact us

Frequently asked questions about childrens dental health


We were very happy to find Lilian for a couple of reasons. First, she spoke English, which was very helpful for us. Second, she was wonderful with our 3 year old and 2 year old! She didn’t force them to sit in the chair or do anything to make them afraid, but rather did things slowly and with a lot of encouragement. My 3 year old was able to have a cleaning and a cavity filled without so much as a whimper because she was so comfortable with Lilian (and my daughter is pretty nervous and shy when it comes to new people and things). We were thankful for such a great experience!

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